Enslaved by Coworker's Pantyhose 1080p - LadyFyre - iwantclips

Enslaved by Coworker's Pantyhose 1080p - LadyFyre  - iwantclips

CUSTOM (no name): It's time we had a talk, I say as I enter your office & shut the door behind me. Everyone here thinks you're Mr Wonderful, but I know your secret: I know that you're a pervert. I've caught you many times, trying to look up my skirt or down my blouse. Even in the meeting this morning. I noticed that you have to leave the room after peeking, and this morning was no exception. So I followed you out of the meeting & saw you go into the bathroom. I heard you moaning as you masturbated thinking of me.
You are now completely at my mercy. If you don't do as I say, I will tell everyone in the office about your perversions. I smile at your shock of being discovered, and tell you that you're going to jerk off right here in your office. You'll do it or I'll open your door & show everyone that giant boner tenting your pants.
I keep teasing & taunting you, showing off my pantied & pantyhosed pussy & ass, and tell you that you're going to fetch my coffee, make my copies, and give me the best clients. Best of all, you're going to be my new pussy licker. In the bathroom at work, you'll lick my pussy until I'm satisfied. If you're lucky, I'll let you jerk off on your knees in front of me. Then I tell you to kneel right now and jerk off. I make you kiss my pussy & ass.
As you cum uncontrollably, I am surprised by the Coerce of my ejaculation. You're quite a wanker. I tell me to lick my sperm up from the floor. We cannot have any colleagues stepping into a big pool of cum in the office! I put my skirt back on & inform you that your new job will start tomorrow.
Models: LadyFyre

Duration: 10 min 48 s
Resolution: 1080 x 1 920
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 680 MiB
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